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Vestibular Migraine

Symptoms of Vestibular Migraine – Relation to Meniere Disease – Treatment

Vestibular Migraine

Vertigo and dizziness are commonly associated with migraine. More than half of the patients with migraine report dizziness, vertigo, or motion sickness. People with migraine can experience a real vertigo with a spinning sensation, lack of balance, sensation of motion, or some blend of all three. Dizziness usually lasts for a few hours.

Most of those dizziness attacks in migraine are associated with headache and other typical symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, noise, nausea, vomiting. Vertigo may come without the headache, but it is still expected to be accompanied by other associated symptoms. To make it short, vertigo attack in migraine is just a migraine without the headache.

Migraine attacks are accompanied by release of “soup” of biologically active substances. As a result, normal blood circulation is compromised in some parts of the brain responsible for coordination (as well as in the labyrinth itself). So, it is not surprising that vertigo can come without the headache.

Vertigo attacks develop in people with a long history of migraine. Over years, migraine sufferers develop motion sensitivity, poor tolerance to complex visual patterns and tendency to have chronic sensation of dizziness or unsteadiness.

Meniere disease is 3 times more common in migraineurs. These two conditions have some things in common. Vertigo attack in Meniere disease is able to trigger a migraine attack. Vestibular migraine attack may produce similar to Meniere disease symptoms of clogged ears and tinnitus.

Treatment of Vestibular Migraine

It is similar to migraine headache treatment. Most of migraine study trials focus on headache part of migraine, so proof of any treatment efficacy is scarce. From my experience, vestibular migraine appears to be responding to the same abortive and preventive treatments as migraine attacks with headaches.

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