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Andre V Strizhak, MD

Neurologist Site Overview

Andre V. Strizhak, M.D.
Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Affiliated with NYU Langone Medical Center,
   Department of Neurology

  This site is a collection of articles about conditions managed by neurologists. Neurological disorders are described in plain language without sacrificing scientific data. Each article is designed to be short, informative, scientifically correct, and understandable for general public. Free online neurology consultations are available through this site.
   Neurology has dramatically evolved over past quarter of a century. I started practicing neurology 27 years ago. Back then my specialty was a "precise but useless" branch of medicine. Now, it is a diverse medical science with a broad range of sub-specialties. Thanks to extensive scientific research, once elusive neurological disorders are now shaping up.
   People often expect some fancy testing as a part of neurological evaluation. Some patients come to see a neurologist on order to get a referral for MRI or something similar. In reality, an experienced neurologist makes the diagnosis during the interview and examination. MRI machines don't have brains; they don't diagnose; they don't treat. Diagnostic testing is only meant to confirm or to clarify the suspected diagnosis.
   Neurology is a very "operator dependent" field. There is no neurological testing for migraine, cluster or tension headaches. You don't see those conditions on the MRI. For the foreseeable future, neurology will remain a "human operated" field irrelevantly of scientific developments.

Neurology Mini-Encyclopedia

  I have been working on this web site since May 2013. It was initially intended for patient education in neurology field. First pages about headaches, dizziness, sleep disorders, and neurological testing are written in common language without using much of neurological terminology.
   Unfortunately, it was not technically possible for epilepsy and demyelinating disorders pages. Epilepsy is such a diverse field of neurology that oversimplifying this topic would kill the whole idea. MS spectrum diseases causative factors, diagnosis and treatment are evolving very rapidly. They are hard to describe without specific neurological terms, but I do explain them.
   The site unintentionally is gradually turning into some form of neurological mini-encyclopedia. Over this year I have seen many patients who had decided to visit my office after reading this site. People say they like it. This is encouraging.
  I don't pretend treating conditions than nobody does. There is no provocative statements here (except may be Plague 20XX). All I am trying to do is to present neurological conditions the way they are understood now. It is surprisingly a lot. So many patients lack appropriate care just because they are not seen by the right doctor.
  Medicine is so diverse and complex nowadays that is impossible to be able to manage "everything".

Neurology Field and Neurological Disorders

  Neurology field covers brain, nerves, and muscles disorders. There are multiple pain syndromes typically managed by neurologists. Besides headaches and other pain syndromes, the most common reasons for neurological consultations are numbness, weakness, shaking, cramps, seizures, memory loss, insomnia, dizziness, lack of balance, and gait disorders. Some neurologists offer invasive treatments for pain management, such as epidural injections and nerve blocks. Neurologists are actively involved in decision making regarding surgical interventions for carpal tunnel syndrome, carotid stenosis, spinal stenosis, brain and spine tumors.

About the Author
   Dr. Strizhak provides neurology services for NYU multi-specialty group in Rego Park, Queens, NY, USA
   Solo practice is located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY

Neurology Diagnostic Testing Offered

    VNG (Videonystagmography)
    EEG (Electroencephalography)
    NCS/NCV (Nerve Conduction Study)
    EMG (Electromyography)
    Carotid Duplex
    TCD (Transcratial Doppler)
    Sleep Study (Polysomnography)
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United Healthcare
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Empire BlueCross BlueShield
EPO, HMO, MediBlue, POS, PPO, Healthy New York

HMO, Indemnity, Medicare, POS, PPO


Medicare, Access I &II, Child Health, PPO,
EPO, Family Health, HMO, Madicaid, POS

Fidelis, Fidelis Medicaid

MagnaCare PPO
Liberty, Medicare Advantage
Affinity Health Plan
Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Medicaid
Freedom, Exchange
Local 1199
UPN Elite
Cash: Initial evaluation $250, follow up $90

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