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Neurology online by Dr. Strizhak

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Neurologist Consultation Online – Neurology Second Opinion – Ask Neurologist Free

Free Neurological Services Online – Second Opinion in Neurological Disorders – Consultations Online by Practicing Neurologist

Ask Neurologist Online Free

Neurologist second opinion and consultations online are provided free of charge. In order to obtain a free online neurology consultation, please, follow the instructions below.

Online consultation is not a substitute for face-to-face neurologist evaluation. The accuracy of my responses strongly depend on the quality of the information you provide.

I reserve the right to ignore inappropriate, messy, grossly grammatically incorrect, and rhetorical questions. Correspondence without specific questions will be ignored as well.

Best efforts are made to respond within reasonable period of time (usually within 24 hours, or sometimes immediately).

It is recommended to review the appropriate articles on my web site, if available, prior to online consultation request.

You will not be asked for any personal information. It is perfectly OK, to communicate under a nickname.

I am the only doctor, who provides neurological online consultations through this site. Your correspondence is not shared with anyone. Occasionally, my colleagues of other specialties might be consulted on your case with your permission, of course.

Online Consultations Limitations and Disclosure

Please, bear in mind – my advise online is not a substitute for a face-to-face neurological consultation!

  • Don’t ask for test interpretations as a primary reason for the consultation
  • Don’t send any medical records unless requested
  • Copy and paste correspondence will not be replied to
  • No opinion will be provided for anxiety, depression or any other psychiatric disorders
  • Absolutely no third person consultations
  • No consultations for people younger than 18 years of age
How to Obtain Online Neurology Consultation or Second Opinion

Please, send e-mail to with the following information:

  • Your question and expectations
  • Your symptoms: try to be brief but informative
  • Any prior diagnoses made by other doctors
  • Relevant diagnostic test reports (if requested)
  • No links or “drop boxes”, please. Only e-mail attachments will be reviewed
  • Please send no images of CAT Scans and MRIs unless requested
  • Prior treatment and results
  • Your age and gender.

I do not expect you to provide all the info mentioned above. Just be reasonable.

Alternatively, you may send an initial brief inquiry about your health concerns and send the detailed information after I agree to provide my consultation.

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Disclosure: This Web Site is intended for education purpose only. The information provided on this site must not be perceived as a guide for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Every effort is made to keep the information current, but there are absolutely no guarantees of timely updates. By Andre Strizhak