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Neurologist Consultation Online – Neurology Second Opinion – Ask Neurologist Free

Free Neurological Services Online – Second Opinion in Neurological Disorders – Consultations Online by Practicing Neurologist

Ask Neurologist Online Free

Neurologist second opinion and consultations online are provided free of charge. In order to obtain a free online neurology consultation, please, follow the instructions below.

Online consultation is not a substitute for face-to-face neurologist evaluation. The accuracy of my responses strongly depend on the quality of the information you provide.

I reserve the right to ignore inappropriate, messy, grossly grammatically incorrect, and rhetorical questions. Correspondence without specific questions will be ignored as well.

Best efforts are made to respond within reasonable period of time (usually within 24 hours, or sometimes immediately).
It is recommended to review the appropriate articles on my web site, if available, prior to online consultation request.

You will not be asked for any personal information. It is perfectly OK, to communicate under a nickname.

I am the only doctor, who provides neurological online consultations through this site. Your correspondence is not shared with anyone. Occasionally, my colleagues of other specialties might be consulted on your case with your permission, of course.

Must Read before Submitting Request for Neurological Consultation

Please, bear in mind – my advise online is not a substitute for a face-to-face neurological consultation!

  • Absolutely no neurological consultations online on behalf of a third person;
  • You must be at least 18 years old;
  • No consultations provided regarding neck or back pain, neurosurgical cases, and hospitalized patients;
  • Do not submit ANY medical records unless requested;
  • Do not ask for interpretation of any diagnostic tests as a primary reason for consultation;
  • No opinion will be provided for anxiety, depression, attention deficit, or any other psychiatric disorders;
  • Your correspondence MUST contain a specific question and has to be a human typed text. No copies of medical records or copy-and-paste documents;
  • Consultation requests, which are not compliant with the above listed requirements, will be ignored with no exceptions
Disclosure and Privacy Concerns
  • Any information provided during the online consultation is confidential.
  • Under no circumstances, personal (and even impersonal) information you provide is published anywhere or used to pump the site’s ranking or for any other purpose beyond the purpose of providing a free neurological consultation.
  • I, Andre V. Strizhak, is the only neurologist who consults online through this site.
  • E-mail is immediately deleted in case when consultation can not be provided, and your e-mail or any other personal information is not traded or shared with anyone.
  • In the case when online advice is provided, all correspondence remains in the mail box for some time. I am the only person who has a legal access to the e-mail used in the correspondence. I do not have control over the privacy rules set by your and my commercial structures that provide our e-mail services. For this reason, I do not hold myself responsible for potential unlawful access to my or your email.
  • Your information is not used for advertising purposes. No references to your health problems are made while communicating with other patients or doctors, as well as no copies of our mutual correspondence can be forwarded to a third party even at your request.
  • Neurologist’s consultations and answers to your questions are not of commercial interest. In cases when neurologist opinion online is denied on the basis of necessity for neurological examination, it is dictated by your best interest rather than by my intention to invite you for an office visit.
  • Many neurological problems require personal examination or some information that can not be obtained online.
  • And lastly, for privacy reasons, you are advised to correspond under a nickname, but your age and gender must be actual.
How to Obtain Online Neurology Consultation or Second Opinion

Please send an e-mail to containing the following:

  • Any information that you may feel is relevant, such as symptoms, prior diagnoses or treatment
  • Your age and gender
  • A clearly stated question

You must be brief and informative!
Do not submit any diagnostic test reports unless requested!

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Disclosure: This Web Site is intended for education purpose only. The information provided on this site must not be perceived as a guide for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Every effort is made to keep the information current, but there are absolutely no guarantees of timely updates. By Andre Strizhak